About Us

What is the Water Youth Network?

The Water Youth Network is a global and inclusive connector in the water sector, with a vibrant community of students and young professionals and across disciplines. We do not try to compete with other water youth organizations; we connect existing ones and promote them. The Water Youth Network is neither an implementation organization nor a fund. Therefore, empowering, connecting & change-making is our motto. We value inclusion, innovation and a collaborative spirit.

Why did we create the WYN?

The Water Youth Network was created soon after the 6th World Water Forum, when a group of young people from all over the world met to share their solutions to address water related issues. They realized that, together, they could influence the water sector for the better.
Today, the Water Youth Network is an inclusive connector in the water sector, with a vibrant community of active young people working across disciplines and borders.

What are our objectives?

We aspire to a world where young people work together to become agents of change and ultimately improve the world’s water situation.
Overall, the aim of the Water Youth Network is to offer a platform (on and offline) for young people to exchange with one another, to promote their inclusion in decision-making processes and to facilitate the adoption of youth friendly policies at all levels. Through this network we hope to encourage a spirit of on-going and learning and exchange between many generations of water professionals, which will be extremely valuable to address the expanding water challenges facing the planet.


What do we do, concretely?

We focus our attention on four priority areas in order to realize our vision.


How do we work?

The WYN has a simple structure: an advisory board, a core group of active members split into working groups, individuals and partner organizations.


The advisory board is composed of 5 members elected every three years by the core group of active members. The advisory board supports and facilitate the collaboration of the working groups, lobbies for the network and guides the network in its growth.


The advisory board creates working groups where tasks require specific attention. Each working group defines its own strategy and actions, within the goals of the Water Youth Network, and coordinated with the other working groups. The working groups are guided by the advisory board. Currently, the following working groups have been created:

Aim: The communication team has two main goals: Reaching young people and informing them about opportunities offered through the WYN, and telling the story of young people active in the water sector.

Activities: developing communication materials, developing and implementing the WYN social media strategy, working with the other working groups to ensure the distribution of communication tasks

To join or contact: v.diaz[at]wateryouthnetwork.org

Aim: The Event Management Group promotes the meaningful inclusion of young people and youth organizations into the water sector by means of facilitating their participation in water related events, and creating the opportunity to share knowledge, further develop their capacities, network, and be involved in the policy decision making processes.

Activities: Event management, Organizing Sessions/ Side Events in Cooperation with Partners, Facilitating Youth Participation, Organizing Capacity Building Workshops, E-Learning Trainings

To join or contact: events[at]wateryouthnetwork.org

Aim: The Knowledge Management Group manages the capture, development, sharing and effectively use of the WYN knowledge mainly by means of the WYN website. The group members have therefore to think in many dimensions, evolve strategies, create motivations, and use different technologies to develop the intern issues of the WYN.

Activities: Administrative Tasks, Data Collection & Management, Layout Design, Homepage Management, Posts Editing, Strategies for WYN Participation, Creation of Online Incentives for more Activity, Visualization of Data

To join or contact: m.clemens[at]wateryouthnetwork.org

Aim: Networking and Outreach Group aims to connect young people and their organizations working in water sector through collaboration and partnership.

Activities: Young Water Leader Award, Water Interactive Map, Water Youth Leader of the Month, Core Fund Raising, managing WYN members, and establishing WYN’s secretariat.

To join or contact: networking[at]wateryouthnetwork.org

Aim: The WWF Group focuses on the World Water Forums (every three year) to facilitate youth inclusion and participation within those milestone events of the water sector. WYN is currently, with partner organisations, building opportunities for youth to learn, share and meaningfully contribute both within (thematic -, political processes, etc.) and outside (events, workshops, etc.).

Activities: Projects Management, Coalition Work, Youth Advocacy, Event Management, Intergenerational Dialogue, Workshop, Stakeholder Engagement, Outreach

To join or contact: m.monnier[at]wateryouthnetwork.org