Water Youth Network at the First International Forum on Water Scarcity in Agriculture

The First International Forum on Water Scarcity in Agriculture held from March 19th  to 22nd 2019 in Praia (Capo Verde) at National Assembly was the opportunity to gather 200 scientists, politicians, academics, engineers, entrepreneurs, civil society members, NGOs, associations, and citizens to discuss and exchange practical, innovative, and collaborative solutions to water scarcity in agriculture […]

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IWRM Knowledge Links Repository IWRM-KL Rep

The IWRM Knowledge Links Repository (IWRM-KL Rep) is an initiative originated within IWRM group of WYN. It has been designed as a tool that should enable users to identify, store and enable quick access to useful data and knowledge regarding IWRM subjects and themes. Starting from IWRM, now it quickly grows to more general water […]

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Water Youth Network at the Young Amsterdam International Water Week (YAIWW)

WYN at the Young Amsterdam International Water Week (YAIWW)  Oct 30th– Nov 3rd , 2017 The Water Youth Network participated in the Young Amsterdam International Water Week which ran in parallel to the Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) and the Aquatech Trade Exhibition from October 30th to Nov 3rd, 2017. AIWW brings together many water […]

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Youth participation at ISW workshop in Astana

by Daud Hamidi (d.hamidi@wateryouthnetwork.org) Central Asia Youth Workshop has been organized by the International Secretariat for Water and is part of its Youth Strategy #WaterGeneration for future water leaders as an opportunity to learn, share ideas and develop cooperation among youth in the region (Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan). Daud Hamidi, member of Water […]

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Water Innovation Lab (WIL) Brazil 2017

WILBrazil 2017: connecting youth to innovate in water projects By Marina Horta (m.horta@wateryouthnetwork.org) and Camilla Hellen de Lima (c.lima@wateryouthnetwork.org) Imagine getting immerse in a 6-day experience 24/7 with 70 water young leaders of Brazil and South America with the aim of modeling an existing or new innovation project in water? Get to know: the Water Innovation […]

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COY 13 – How did it go?

By Niel de Jong n.dejong@wateryouthnetwork.org   At the Conference of Youth (COY13) in Bonn, the annual youth climate summit that takes place before COP, Hassan Aboelnga and Amrita Gautam (both from the World Youth Parliament of Water), Puja Doshi, and I organized a session on ‘Youth actions for combating climate change and water challenges’. Prior […]

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WYN participation in the COY13

What is the COY 13? The 13th Conference of Youth (COY13) will take place in Bonn, Germany in November 2-4, 2017 and welcomes young activists and other interested individuals from all around the world. COY13 is organised by young volunteers and intends to empower youth with regard to climate justice, climate policy and sustainability through […]

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YouKnoW! and the link with the IWRM team/actions

YouKnoW! and the link with the IWRM team/actions YouKnoW! is a new virtual space for collaboration founded on collective wisdom working towards solving today’s water challenges. It’s an online centralized dynamic database where youth-led organizations and project leaders in various water-related domains/topics are able to connect with a vibrant community, get support and  also promote […]

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