IWRM Knowledge Links Repository IWRM-KL Rep

The IWRM Knowledge Links Repository (IWRM-KL Rep) is an initiative originated within IWRM group of WYN. It has been designed as a tool that should enable users to identify, store and enable quick access to useful data and knowledge regarding IWRM subjects and themes.

Starting from IWRM, now it quickly grows to more general water topics. We all have our bookmarks in our internet browsers, why not share this useful information with others in an organised way? Ideas push new ideas, and WYN is here to encourage this kind of growth.

IWRM-KL Rep is designed to have only links to the data, not the data itself which makes it easier to manage. The database is a google excel file which consists of the links to the different free access data, whether they are research papers, web pages, books, reports, guidance documents etc.

The use of the database is quite straightforward, you just click on the link:


where you can access to the links which have already been collected.  The file itself is not editable to maintain the structure of the database itself. However, if you would like to contribute to the contents of the database, you are encouraged to send your links or any other information that you wish to share to one of the administrators listed in the sheet “Administrators”. 

We encourage you to practice good ethics in this work, by using only the open access data. WYN as an organisation supports the intellectual property regulations and the authorship rights. Since this database is obviously work in progress, it will be dynamic and change over time in order to follow the new developments and to maintain sustainable growth of information that is going to be collected.

We suggest you bookmark this links repository, because it can come in very useful, and I hope it will trigger more people to add more links which would further be used by the even broader audience. In this era of an abundance of information, sometimes we only need good pointers. Remember, sharing is caring ?.

If you want to be more involved in this kind of work, we encourage you to join the WYN where you can continue to develop this tool more actively. Please contact Morena Galesic (m.galesic@wateryouthnetwork.org)