Support Working Groups


The support working groups are the building-blocks of the organisation. They focus their work on maintaining a balance and a correct flow of the resources we count on.

Currently we work with three support working groups:

Human Resources

The Human Resources team is working on creating the perfect match between members of the Water Youth Network and the different working groups. To do so, we support all prospective members during the process of becoming a part of the network and help working group coordinators in finding the most suitable people to staff their projects. Our support basically is based around providing the assertive information to make work in the Water Youth Network run smoothly.


We work hard to get a proper and robust communication plan that ensures the transmission of information in the clearest and easiest way possible to all of our members and the public in general.

Some activities in this working group include website updates, internal and external newsletters, event communication, social media, etc.

Finances and Fundraising

This is a group that is looking forward to start working on a foreseeable future.


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