Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

Young people have a significant role to play in engaging in DRR planning at all levels, driving innovation and acting as the communicators and translators of new technology to the needs of the most vulnerable. The DRR team have three objectives in line with the WYN Mission and objectives (Figure 1):

  1. Promote networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration among young practitioners and researchers within and across generations, on water-related DRR;
  1. Collate, share and support innovative youth-led initiatives from local to global levels on water-related DRR;
  1. Support meaningful, science-informed youth engagement in water and DRR related policy design, implementation, monitoring and review through the UN Major Group of Children and Youth (link).


Networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration

The WYN DRR team organised various outreach and knowledge sharing events and sessions in 2016, many of which where together with the UN MGCY Young Scientists Platform on DRR.

  • Young Scientists Event on DRR, see further information and final report here.
  • Understanding Risk 2016 Side Event, see session details here and final report here.
  • The Role of Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation for Building Resilience in Urban Areas at HABITAT III- link.
  • FloodRisk 2016 young scientists dinner, see blog post here.
  • Outreach at the Geology for Global Development (GfGD) annual conference, see blog post here.  
  • Young Scientists session at the United Kingdom Alliance for Disaster Research (UKADR) conference

We support youth led scientific research and publications which share our knowledge to a wider audience. For example leading a publication on Science and Technology Networks (link), contributions to the UN MGCY Science Policy Interface Publication (link), a poster at the MIT Water Summit 2016 (link), and a book chapter on DRR including Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) (link).


Supporting innovative youth led initiatives

We strive to collate existing youth initiatives and give them the recognition and support they deserve through our interactive YouKnow platform. We have supported the following competitions and initiatives that give young people opportunities to share and further their innovative ideas:

  • Global competition for youth led projects: Flood and Drought Special, see further information here.
  • Youth for Water and Climate, Global Water Partnership COP 22, see further information here.  
  • Urban Deltas competition for Habitat III, see further information here.  
  • Local research on the impacts of the El-nino in Kenya, see further information here.


Support meaningful, science-informed youth engagement in water and DRR related policy

The WYN DRR team have engaged in numerous policy related events and activities through strongly supporting the United Nations Major Group of Children and Youth (UN MGCY).

  • The WYN acted as one of the co-chairs of the Children and Youth Forum at the 3rd UN World Conference on DRR, see UN MGCY report here and journal publication here.
  • Engaged in the development of the UN MGCY Young Scientists Platform on DRR to enable stronger engagement of young scientists in DRR policy implementation, monitoring and review, see concept note here and young scientists roadmap here, launched at the UNISDR Science and Technology Conference.
  • WYN DRR team members engaged in the UN MGCY Youth Forum at the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction organising committee (link).

WYN organised a youth consultation to support the HABITAT III process for the New Urban Agenda  and a session on DRR and CCA during the Children and Youth Assembly of the HABITAT III Conference for Sustainable Urban Development (link).

For further information please contact

Lydia Cuiskey : l.cumiskey@wateryouthnetwork.org

Robert Šakić : r.sakic@wateryouthnetwork.org