WYN in the Young Professionals’ Booth!

WYN in the Young Professionals’ Booth!

With less than two weeks left before the annual Stockholm World Water Week, we are thrilled to share all the activities we have planned to the Young Professionals’ booth. Make sure to stop by!


Connecting the Dots: The Idea Sharing Platform for Youth Across the Globe via Virtual Platform

Monday: 12-13:00

The session gathers talented youth to collaborate on solutions to meet the United
Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Technology brings with it efficiency, transparency, and a global outreach, which breaks down barriers of geography, compartmentalized academic disciplines and opinions. The power of social media today makes our connections more visible. Young innovators from around the world will pitch their ideas for sharing information for creative water solutions. Come vote for the best idea!




Water Needs You(th)

Monday 13-15:00

Mentorship is a crucial step towards involving and empowering youth in solving water-related issues.

In this session, young professionals and senior experts will share their experience on the role of mentorship. The story telling session will lead into an open discussion about how to expand and promote mentorship within the water sector.  

We are excited to host this session together with SIMAVI, Women for Water Partnership, Young Expert Programmes & Rural Water Supply Network.



Resources for Young Professionals: YouKnoW! Mapping Platform, Research Lab tools, and Ideas Incubator Challenge

Tuesday 12-13:00


Young people are creating solutions to water issues around the world, but by connecting to one another, they can have an even greater impact. The YouKnow platform is a tool for young professionals to share experiences with one another and to connect to senior experts.

This sessions will talk about the exciting YouKnow map, which is easy and inspiring to use. We will also talk about two other parts of the YouKnow project: the Research Lab tools and the Ideas Incubator Challenge.  Join us to learn about how to connect with young innovators!



Coming Together for Shared Waters: Youth in bottom up and top down water diplomacy

Wednesday: 16-17:00


How can transboundary water diplomacy become more inclusive? What are the most effective ways to involve youth?

In this session, the WYN will briefly report back on research on the role of youth in transboundary water management. We will then delve into round-table discussions on how to meaningfully involve youth in transboundary water diplomacy.

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