Welcome to YouKnoW!

(Youth-driven Knowledge in Water) platform

A new initiative by the Water Youth Network

What is YouKnoW?

A new virtual space for collaboration founded on collective wisdom towards today’s water challenges. It’s an online centralized dynamic database where youth-led organizations are able to connect with a vibrant community. Just with the “click of a mouse” on our interactive world map, you will have access to knowledge from projects aimed at solving water issue and sharing of successful and innovative water practices.

Why participate in YouKnoW?

  • To expand your network and collaborations worldwide with organizations sharing the same objectives and passion about WATER.
  • To promote best and most innovative practices implemented by youth at international forums.
  • To get support for your new ideas/project/technologies (Ideas Incubator tool), share experiences with peers and experts (Strategic forums tool) and get access to latest technologies and practices (Research lab).

How to get involved?

Its super easy! Just fill the following form at the end of this page with the information of your organization, refer 3-5 keywords to allow others connect with you. If you have already a best in class project fill the following form and refer 3-5 words that better defined it. Navigate and participate frequently through our website, maps and tools!

Finally, stay in touch and let us know your feedback about the platform.

Would you like your project or innovative idea to appear on the map? Please fill in the following form:  Get in the map!

Presentation of the YouKnoW! platform


Our Team

The YouKnoW team comprises a vibrant and dynamic group consistently working on the management, development and promotion of the platform. Our team is lead by our coordinators and  structured into six (6) Line of Actions (LOAs):

1.LoA 1 :Map development

2.LoA 2 :Usability improvement

3.LoA 3: Tool development

4.LoA 4: Communication + Events

5.LoA 5: Offline usage and capacity building

6.LoA 6- Database management

YouKnoW! platform team structure

YouKnoW in Action

Building a community is important to us. You can also find us at regional and international water and water related events, sharing and disseminating information on the platform.  

This year we presented booths at:

Follow our blogs from these events and look out for YouKnoW at your next water conference!

New Map & Tools

With the award of DUPC & MISK funding we are currently working to update the Map with new features and  improved accessibility and  usability of the  database. Plans including the development  of YouKnoW supporting tools:

  1. The Ideas Incubator; for those who would like to start a new idea and seek for strategic partners
  2. The Research Lab; displays information of up to date technology developed in specific topics
  3. The Strategic Forums; a space to exchange ideas and work in a collaborative way

We want your feedback!!!

To improve our platform we would love to get your feedback on the functionality and usability of the map. Send us an email at and let us know what you think.

If you want to have a peek on the currently under-construction maps, you can click here:

Projects’ map!                                  Organisations’ map!

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