Connecting You(th) on Water Issues!

6th World Water Forum

The World Water Forum is an event focusing on the discussion on perceived issues surrounding water. It takes place every three years. In 2012, The World Water Forum took place in Marseilles, France.

For the 6th World Water Forum, the Emerging Academic Program was created to invite advanced Master’s and PhD students from around the world to present their solutions-based work and participate as fully engaged members of the Forum. Selected applicants received the opportunity to work with high level experts from academia, the public sector, and private industry. They will take part in networking events with other young professionals and water experts from around the world. The selection was undertook by a panel of experts with representatives from the Forum, academia, policy, and industry:

  • Dr. Alex Bielak, Senior Research Fellow and Knowledge Broker – United Nations University – Institute for Water, Environment & Health (UNU-INWEH) and Senior Advisor to the Chair – UN-Water
  • Úrsula Oswald Spring is a professor and researcher at the Regional Centre of Multidisciplinary Research at the National University of Mexico (CRIM-UNAM).
  • Dr. Stephen Nyende Byakika, a civil engineer specializing in Water Resources Management.
  • Jean Bapstiste Geissler, Youth Process Coordinator / Thematic Process Project Officer

The vision below is the output of the Emerging Academic Program and other youth activities at the 6th World Water Forum. It combines, builds upon and promotes the importance of the work of all youth initiatives at the 6th World Water Forum.


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