A report from International Water Week in Amsterdam


Many exciting events and activities for young water professionals took place at International Water Week in Amsterdam this year. Lots of innovative ideas, projects, and pitches were shared. Here is a brief overview for anyone who couldn’t be there:

The ‘student challenge’ provided an opportunity for young people to collaborate and come up with ideas to solve local water pollution challenges. They worked for 2 days on the important issue of plastic pollution in delta cities. A group of Wet skills students presented their pitches for innovative solutions to water management challenges, including pollution in the garment industry in Bangladesh, and reducing water use for producing milk and washing vegetables. The winning pitch presented a unique solution to reducing chemical dye input into water supplies during garment production in Bangladesh using bacteria. In addition, young professionals working on WAUW+ presented ideas for their dream of floating cities to deal the threats of climate change and rising sea level. During FutureFit, new projects were presented by young people with the goal of improving the possibilities on the job market and increasing dialogue between different stakeholders. To carry the message forward after IWW 2013, Marie Sagen from Norway was chosen as the new spokesperson for the young IWW professionals programme. She will work with a group of ambassadors to spread attention to the voices of young stakeholders in the water dialogue. Good luck Marie!!

For a brief video summary of young IWW activities this year, click HERE check out the awesome video.