Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Water Youth Network is led by a group of four to five people that are chosen by the members every 2 years by ballot. In May 2019 a new Advisory Board was elected. Since then, these four leaders have been working alongside WYN working group coordinators to steer WYN projects and efforts in accordance with the WYN mission and vision.

The following four talented young professionals will serve on the WYN Advisory Board from June 2019 through May 2021:


Shabana Abbas | President

Shabana is the President of the Water Youth Network and leads the Advisory Board. She hails from Pakistan and has been living and working in the Netherlands for the past few years. She joined the network in 2014 and has served on different roles before getting elected for the advisory board.

On the professional front, Shabana works as a Program Manager for Aqua for All, a foundation based in the Hague, Netherlands transforming the global water and sanitation sector by supporting innovative, scalable and bankable water, sanitation as well as climate smart solutions in Asia and Africa. Shabana was previously associated with the Aga Khan Planning & Building Services, Pakistan, part of the larger Aga Khan Development Network that operates in over 30 countries. Shabana is also a member of the Junior Global Advisory panel for Oxford University’s REACH program.

Connect to Shabana via LinkedIn, Twitter, and e-mail:



Philip Kruse | Vice President

Philip is one of the Vice Presidents of the Water Youth Network. He joined the Network in 2017 as a member of the Disaster Risk Reduction team. Before being elected to the Advisory Board, he helped setting up the Network’s Human Resources team as its coordinator. Prior to becoming a part of the Water Youth Network, Philip volunteered with the German Red Cross for over ten years. He was in a leading capacity of the organization’s youth chapter on local and district level for several years engaging children on humanitarian topics.

As a researcher at the Technical University of Dortmund’s Institute for Spatial Planning, Philip is conducting work on climate adaptation and resilient urban development on national and European level. He is an avid reader of biographies, enjoys discussing politics, collects vinyl records, and likes to spend time in photography exhibitions.

Philip is also the Youth Delegate for Europe to the World Water Council where he is giving a voice to the priorities and concerns of the continent’s youth.

Connect to Philip via LinkedIn, Twitter, and e-mail:




Robert Sakic Trogrlic | Vice President

Robert is a disaster and climate resilience specialist originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina and currently living in the UK. As a member of the Advisory Board, Robert is supporting the WASH team, and assisting with partnerships and communications. He is a member of WYN since 2015 and was heavily involved with the work of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) group. A big part of his WYN engagement was facilitating the inclusion of youth voices in global policy processes, including New Urban Agenda, Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and Agenda 2030. He believes in the power of youth and sees socially just development as a vehicle for achieving resilient futures. When not working on his PhD or volunteering for WYN, Robert can be found training for the marathons and reading.

Connect to Robert via LinkedIn, Twitter, and e-mail:



Miguel Angel Trejo Rangel | Secretary

Miguel is a young professional who is currently living in Brazil where he is a PhD researcher at the Earth System Science Center of the National Institute for Space Research, working with social innovation for adapting to flood risks. He has got an Erasmus Mundus master’s degree in Flood Risk Management from UNESCO-IHE and bachelor’s degree in Sustainable Management of Coastal Areas from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Miguel has been a member of Water Youth Network (WYN) since 2017 where he first became part of the Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group, then the coordinator of that team and later, he took his current position as a member of the Advisory board of WYN. In addition to his Advisory board role, Miguel is a collaborator and lecturer in the organization México Sostenible.

Connect to Miguel via LinkedIn, Twitter, and e-mail:



Parth Kamath | Treasurer

As a young water professional, Parth joined the organization in 2017. Having earned his bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with specialization in Irrigation and Water Management, he has worked as a consultant as an environmental engineer in India. He has earned his master’s degree in Urban Water and Sanitation with specialization Sanitary Engineering from UNESCO-IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands.

Parth has been a member of the Human Resources group and in 2019 he took the role of Treasurer in the Advisory Board of the WYN. His passion lies in the topic of innovative wastewater treatment with focus on utilising algae to re-invent the activated sludge system. Also, he works as a freelance in the sanitation sector as a facilitator and rapporteur.

Connect to Parth via LinkedIn, Twitter, and e-mail:


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