Connecting You(th) on Water Issues!

Advisory Board

The Water Youth Network is led by a group of four to five people that are chosen by the members every 2 years by ballot. In May 2019 a new Advisory Board was elected. Since then, these four leaders have been working alongside WYN working group coordinators to steer WYN projects and efforts in accordance with the WYN mission and vision. The following four talented young professionals will serve on the WYN Advisory Board from January 2024 through May 2026:

Maitreyi Koduganti


As a UNESCO IHE Institute for Water Education alumna, she brings seven years of expertise in youth engagement, water governance, climate sciences, and sustainability. Formerly a senior researcher at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements, she joined the Water Youth Network in 2019, expanding from communications to the Water Governance team. Serving as coordinator until 2020, she was elected to the advisory board, overseeing projects with UN-Water, Deltares, and other UN events. Drawing on her presidency from 2021 to 2023, she identifies the need for targeted efforts. Her strategic focus includes mentorship programs, performance evaluations, partnerships, diversified funding, financial sustainability, and a robust monitoring system, positioning WYN for fortified foundations, expanded impact, and efficient growth in the water sector.

Samuel Kpartor


A 2023 Mandela Washington Fellow, boasts over a decade of experience in water and sanitation challenges, collaborating with UNESCO, UNICEF, and USAID. As the Partnership Coordinator at the Water Youth Network and Senior Technical WASH Advisor for the Youth WASH Coalition Africa, he showcases leadership in WASH. Proficient in design thinking, WASH advocacy, water innovation, and Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), with bilingual abilities. The vision for the Water Youth Network involves a strategic roadmap focusing on innovative impact initiatives, excellence advancement, global collaboration hub, and educational empowerment acceleration over the next two years. This direction aims to position WYN as a global leader in shaping a sustainable water future.

Sinafekesh Girma


As an early-career researcher, a Junior Integrated Water Resources Manager, and a Civil Engineer, she is actively involved in holistic research and practical implementation. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. focusing in addressing water scarcity and migration issues in East Africa. With expertise spanning environmental migration, sustainable water resource management, and agricultural water use efficiency, she brings hands-on experience in construction projects and proficiency in tools like remote sensing data. She is dedicated to building a more diverse, cooperative, and influential youth community within WYN, emphasizing increased engagement, strengthened international collaborations, enhanced visibility, and skill development initiatives. Her vision is grounded in the belief that a dynamic and collaborative youth network can drive positive change in the water sector.

Gnanga Géraud


Chemical engineering graduate with expertise in food processing, pharmaceutical production, and quality control, progressed from a laboratory technician to a project manager at COLEAD. His volunteer experience since 2018 includes involvement with JCI Cotonou Saphir and an NGO focusing on children’s education in disadvantaged areas, engaging in activities related to environmental protection, education, and water supply during COVID-19. As a Secretary, Géraud aims to unite stakeholders, enhance member commitment to RMN activities, and contribute to organizational life through initiatives fostering member connections. He also plans to propose actions to strengthen collaborations between institutions.