Connecting You(th) on Water Issues!

Coordination Team


Sofia Corradi Oliveira

Human Ressources Coordinator

Sofia Corradi is a Brazilian Ph.D. researcher in Analysis and Modeling of Environmental Systems, researching environmental restoration and ecosystem services. She is also a specialist in Geoprocessing and holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering. Her work relates to environmental sciences, emphasizing earth sciences, systems modeling, land use, remote sensing, geoprocessing, hydrology, and climatology. She has been involved with local and global communities working on youth, water, climate, and environmental issues, such as the Water Youth Network, the Global Shapers Community, The Climate Reality Project, YOUNGO, and the Environment of Peace Initiative.

Rachana Mattur

Water Governance Coordinator

Rachana Mattur, a Civil Engineer with a Master’s in Water Management and Governance, brings a unique perspective to the field. With over 2 years of experience in strategic partnership development, communication strategy design, and impactful academic research, Rachana has been instrumental as the Water Governance Coordinator at the Water Youth Network (WYN) since 2023. As a key contributor to WYN, Rachana actively leads collaborations, including engagements with the World Bank’s Equal Aqua project. Passionate about the integral roles of youth and women in realizing sustainable development goals, Rachana supports these causes through her comprehensive skill set in project management, community building, analytical skills, and advocacy.

Damil B.O.

Human Ressources Co-Coordinator

Damil is a development systems expert from Nigeria who is passionate about ensuring equitable access to water especially in most vulnerable and marginalized settings – with keen interest in coordination strengthening.

Manal Bidar

Communications Co-Coordinator

Manal is a Climate Activist from Morocco, a vibrant Young African voice committed to building a more sustainable and just future. Her journey is a testament to the power of passion and purpose, as she has actively engaged in a multitude of roles and initiatives, from being the Communication Lead for the UNCCD Youth Caucus to advocating for climate justice as an Ambassador for the African Youth Climate Hub. With each step, Manal has been a tireless advocate for the environment, using her voice to champion causes ranging from desertification and loss and damage to climate adaptation. She believes in the potential of the youth to effect profound change, a belief reflected in her extensive involvement with YOUNGO, the UNFCCC Official Youth Constituency, and her coordination of inclusivity efforts at COY16. In addition to her activism, she is currently pursuing a Bachelor degree in Global Governance and Political Science at Duke University.