Declarations from the APYPW and WYPW at the World Water Forum


The World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW) and Asia Pacific Youth Parliament for Water (APYPW) have created targets and commitments to be achieved in future keeping in view global water issues and potential solutions related to those water problems. After intensive discussion and plenary sessions organized by both Parliaments, we came about to recognize some core water issues and find out their possible solutions.


As a youth we made strong commitment to pay our services in bring about positive change in water sector. Moreover, as a youth, we believe that we must remain aware to water-stakeholders about our activities and objectives.


The APYPW has set targets for the next 15 years for the Asia Pacific region. They have deemed the coming year a “Year of Education.” The one-year action commitments adopted by the 4th APYPW are focused on educating and raising awareness about water problems and their solutions under the purview of the identified targets.


The WYPW focused on what the members could implement in their own countries, and for raising awareness and sharing knowledge among youth and governing bodies. The  Parliamentarians worked to provide and construct a template for showing youth how to realistically construct  solutions and network our collective capabilities with government officials, parliamentarians, and regional experts into productive solutions for the future.


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