How did World Water Forum 8 turn out?

In March 2018, the 8th World Water Forum (WWF) was organized in Brazil by the World Water Council (WWC), by the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment (MMA), represented by Brazil’s National Water Agency (ANA), and by the Government of the Federal District, represented by the Regulatory Agency for Water, Energy and Basic Sanitation of the Federal District (Adasa). The Brazilian Association of Infrastructure and Basic Industries (Abdib) is a member of the National Organizing Committee (CON).

The Water Youth Network (WYN) took a very active part on the organization and development of the WWF8, which resulted in the biggest and most impactful youth involvement ever present in a World Water Forum. Some of the highlights of WYN’s participation are:

  • Participation with a team of 25 people

  • WYN members as panelists and/or moderators of +20 sessions

  • Organization of 4 side events

  • Signature of a MoU with Deltares, research institute

  • Hosting a booth at the Citizens Villa for youth involvement.

  • Being part of the first Youth Forum at a World Water Forum, organized together with other youth organizations.

  • Organization of 9 satellite events in 9 different countries around the world previous to the forum.


You can now download the Full Report of Participitation by WYN: here

The next and 9th edition of the World Water Forum will take place in Dakar, Senegal in 2021. The seven previous editions were held in Marrakesh (Morocco, 1997), The Hague (Netherlands, 2000), Kyoto (Japan, 2003), Mexico City (Mexico, 2006), Istanbul (Turkey, 2009), Marseilles (France, 2012), and Gyeongju and Daegu (South Korea, 2015).