Connecting You(th) on Water Issues!

Involving You(th)

How to get involved?

Are you a young person passionate about water issues, a professional looking to support youth in the water sector? If so, the Water Youth Network was created for you. Here is how to get involved:

  • Join the network. The Water Youth Network aims to connect organizations and individuals passionate about water issues, inter-generational collaboration, and about bringing people together to find solutions. Invite others to help grow the network
  • Contribute to discussions online or in person during events or webinars (Forums and webinars series are currently being organized)
  • Check the site and social media  announcements about important water events and opportunities
  • Do you have other input? Let us know! We welcome all initiatives. We are eager to learn about your experiences, research, interests and ideas.

Please contact us for more ways to get involved.

The project we are working on


The 7th World Water forum and the OECD project on stakeholder are the two main events we are coordinating at the moment.

See all upcoming events

The Water Youth Network has been involved in numerous events in the past and has played a key role in increasing and aligning youth voices. See Past events (Budapest Water Summit (Blogs), 6th World Water Forum, Singapore Water Week 2013, Singapore Water Week 2014, Gender, Water and Development conference…)

Sharing Innovative practices initiative

(more information about this project will be added shortly)