Mandela inspires us to be “doers” in water sector

Author: Brigitte Urzaiz Palau

The death of Nelson Mandela, Nobel Laureate and South Africa ex-president has encouraged us to follow our mission on water sector. He was not only a freedom fighter but also a great advocate of human rights and basic amenities like water and sanitation. Mandela once famously said, “Water is central in the social, economic and political affairs of the African continent, and of the world”. This saying depicts his clear understanding of importance of water in our life and development. His struggle and messages have inspired us to continue our work to promote youth capacity development, and involvement in water sector.

Mandela passed away today at 20.50, local hour, later of convalesce at the Pretoria hospital because of a lung infection according to Jacob Zumba, the South Africa’s president. He further added, “We knew that day is going to arrive but nothing can remove our big feel of loss and pain. His big deal for freedom, humility, passion and humanity make him to succeed love and respect around the world”.

Mandela fighted restlessly for a cause till his last breath. He was imprisoned for27 years but he never gave up. He experimented, invented and contributed in bringing up South Africa to present status. His personal story is a motivation for all of us, and today is a good day to remember his work and contribution to this world.

In his one of famous speech known as “The man in the arena”, he encourages us to be an actual doer as he believed doers have great enthusiasms and devotions, spends time in a worthy cause, knows the triumph of high achievement and dares to face challenges. So let’s follow his message and be doers in water sector. There is yet much to be done as 768 million people still do not have access to safe drinking water (WHO, 2013). And young people can play an important role in bridging this gap working together with senior professionals.