UNESCO NGO forum 2017 – MiSK pitch competition

UNESCO NGO forum 2017 – MiSK pitch competition



This year UNESCO NGO forum 2017  took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The Water Youth Network submitted the YouKnoW project to participate in the MiSK  NGO Pitch Competition which looks to “identify the most promising project or proposal from an NGO that fosters engagement among young people to create positive social change”.

Representing the WYN, Tatiana Dos Santos Silva from Brazil, flew all the way to Riyadh to participate in the Forum and deliver the following pitch

“I used the toilet twice and drank a bottle of water since I woke up. I’m a privileged person – like all of you here in the audience – living in a world where 2 billion people do not have access to sanitation and face water scarcity. And when attending events that ultimately decide how our society is going to provide water for all, we, young professionals, entrepreneurs and researchers, especially from vulnerable countries, are never at the decision-making table. So at the Water Youth Network, an organisation that connects over 100 youth from the world, we developed the platform YouKnoW: Youth-driven Knowledge in Water. It’s a map and dynamic database where youth can communicate better, empower each other and cooperate to solve the challenges we face today. We already have 50 youth initiatives connected but we want this number to grow. We want to showcase how we are taking the lead in building our water future. We want to promote knowledge sharing by youth for youth and support each other in this difficult task of being agents of change”. [Tatiana Dos Santos Silva]




If you want to know more about the YouKnoW project you can clic here

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