Ready for Amsterdam International Water Week 2015?


As Water Youth Network were are enthusiastic about the coming event, Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) 2015 held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in the coming week. We encourage you to attend the Young-IWW special program for young water professionals. This program is integrated with the conferences of IWW and the Aquatech and comprises a variety of activities such as workshops, debates and many more activities to help you building a network and to help you to gain new skills and knowledge. For more information about the program and activities please check

A group of WYN young professionals is working hard in the organization of the event together with the amazing Young-AIWW team. As Water Youth Network we are particularly involved in co- organizing the Innovation in Sanitation Workshop, Students challenge as well as supporting the communication team.

Innovation in Sanitation Workshop 

In 2015, still 2.5 billion people (one-third of the world’s population) lack access to improved sanitation, as well as the release of untreated human excreta into the environment poses a serious threat to human and ecosystem health. The challenges in the sanitation sector are diverse from raising political commitments, to mobilizing financial resources, developing appropriate and sustainable technologies, changing people’s behaviour or building capacities and skills. We believe that sanitation needs to be higher on the global agenda and that young professionals can play a key role in addressing all those challenges.

The objective of this session is to raise awareness about the potentials of sanitation and of youth engagement for addressing current sanitation global challenges. Following the motto of the Young IWW “a little less conversation a little more action” in this session we will explore innovative young experiences and successful cases of youth engagement in the sanitation sub-sector. The session seeks to be an interactive and participatory platform to bring together young and senior experts to foster the dialogue and collaborative interaction between them.

More to say, the Sanitation Movement will be presented during this international event. Our aim is to be involved and thus continue our efforts to raise sanitation in the global and local water agenda in collaboration with other youth organizations after Amsterdam International Water Week 2015!


Student Challenge

Similar to the previous two editions the Student Challenge will part of the Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) Youth Program. Supervised by experts students are challenged to find innovative and smart solutions for present-day problems in the urban water management and drinking water sector. Collaboration and a multidisciplinary attitude will be key skills during the two day event. In addition, participants of the Student Challenge get familiar with the water sector can discover what the sector offers them and extent their professional network.


Water Movie Challenge

What is the biggest sanitation challenge in your neighbourhood?

Are you a creative student or a young professional? Do you want to show the world your ideas about how to tackle the biggest sanitation challenge in your neighbourhood? This is your moment! Explore, interview, be creative and show us your local story in a movie not exceeding 3 minutes.

For more information open the flyer


You cannot miss it, Find us there!

The first week of November would be a great opportunity to see many youth and their organizations from all over the globe working jointly in the organization of the event, sharing knowledge and innovative practices, networking and making partnerships, etc. We are looking forward to this international event. You want to know more about the Water Youth Network? Find us, Marie, Mona, Gerbert, Nikeh, Lexy, Leah, Gonzalo and Hector, there! We are waiting to see you!