Sharing experiences of the Water Youth Network members at EYE2014

The European Youth Event (EYE), organised by the European Parliament (EP) in cooperation with the European Youth Forum (YFJ) and other partners, took place in Strasbourg, France, from 9 to 11 May 2014. It involved over 5,500 young people aged between 16 and 30 from across Europe. The event offered more than 200 activities in varying formats, and featured some 500 speakers, moderators and facilitators, including Members of the European Parliament. The activities centred on “Ideas for a Better Europe”. Five main themes were addressed during the European Youth Event:Youth Unemployment, Digital Revolution, The Future of the European Union, Sustainability, and European Values. In particular, the European Youth Event aimed at bringing together the young generation to exchange ideas and perspectives on issues that are critical for our common future. Water is one of the critical issues in Europe therefore the Water Youth Network in cooperation with Solidarity Water Europe (Solidarité Eau Europe) and the European Youth Parliament for Water participated in the event and gave insight in the discussions inside the Parliament.

IMG_4835Two Water Youth Network members attended, Lydia Cumiskey and Ares Sanjuan Vicente. Sessions attended by both Water Youth Network members included:

  • More democracy please!
  • Digital opportunities: New games – More than fun?
  • Europe – a good neighbour and fait partner in the world?
  • How to turn good intentions into actual laws
  • From crisis management to shaping the future
  • Innovation – A good idea is not enough.

According to Lydia and Ares the experience was undoubtedly worthwhile. Although there were not many sessions strictly focused on water it was interesting to bring the idea of water to the discussions. The main thing that both Water Youth Network members came away with from the weekend was getting to know more about the people within the water delegation itself. Matching their experiences, backgrounds and aspirations to theirs and that of the Water Youth Network was a great experience for our Water Youth Network members. The Water Youth Network can sense much great collaboration for the group of delegates in the future. Furthermore, Lydia and Ares learnt about the Water Messenger campaign and a great deal more about The European Youth Parliament for Water. Finally, the European Youth Event served for learning more about the youth organizations at the European network.

Lydia: “Hopefully if such an event happens again we can push so that water is seen as an important topic for the sessions”


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