Stockholm World Water Week 2015 Event: Key successful practices for youth engagement in water for development.

By: Alejandra Molina and Shabana Abbas

The Water Youth Network together with the World Youth Parliament for Water and the Swedish Water House are organizing a session on “Key successful practices for youth engagement in water for development”. The session will be held on August 27th during the global event of Stockholm World Water Week.

What is Stockholm World Water Week?

The Stockholm World Water Week is the annual meeting place for actors engaged in the development sector, particularly water. Organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute, the water week brings together around 2500 experts, practitioners, decision makers and business innovators annually from around the globe to exchange ideas, foster new thinking and develop solutions. Each year, the Stockholm Water Week is focused on one broad theme related to water and this year is focused on ‘Water for Development’.

What is the Youth Session about?

The session will approach global challenges related to “water for development” and the potential of youth engagement to face them. Young professionals from around the world will present their experiences leading water-related projects in their home countries. At the end of the session, the participants will be able to identify and analyze key elements needed for youth engagement to face these challenges.

The session will foster connection between water and development experts, representing private sector, bilateral and multilateral agencies and civil organizations with young professionals aspiring to work in the water sector.

What is in the session for you?

  • Platform to share your knowledge and experiences and gain inspiration from others.

  • Opportunity to meet water professionals from different sectors.

  • Interaction with young professionals from around the world leading water related projects.

Who is the audience for the session?

The main target group for the session is young people as well as mid-career and professionals interested in water and intergenerational cooperation.

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