Connecting You(th) on Water Issues!

Support Working Groups

The support working groups are the building-blocks of the organisation. They focus their work on maintaining a balance and a correct flow of the resources we count on. Currently we work with three support working groups:
Water Youth Network

Current Support Working Groups:

Human Resources

The Human Resources team facilitates seamless integration between Water Youth Network members and working groups by providing support throughout the onboarding process and assisting coordinators in identifying the best candidates for project roles, ensuring efficient operations within the network.


The Communications team is dedicated to effectively conveying our mission and initiatives to a global audience. Through strategic messaging, engaging content creation, and innovative outreach efforts, we aim to amplify youth voices, raise awareness about water-related issues, and inspire action towards sustainable solutions.


The Partnerships Working Group focuses on forging collaborative relationships with organizations, institutions, and stakeholders in the water sector to amplify impact, leverage resources, and foster innovation in addressing global water challenges.