SWWW19: 4 Sessions You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Stockholm World Water Week (SWWW) is about bringing together professionals, scholars, organizations, and leaders to come up with and inspire innovative approaches to tackle water issues. What better way to do that than to bring in the Water Youth Network? A growing network of young water professionals, scholars, and activists, we are eager to inspire and create spaces to share ideas. Here are four sessions to look out for during SWWW 2019!

1: Women and Youth: Living Apart Together

Women and youth are among the groups suffering most from lack of safe water and sanitation. This seminar, which we are co-convening with UN Women, Women for Water Partnership, and the World Bank, will offer a great space
to think about how to tackle these challenges.



2: Valuing Water Initiative:

What is water really worth? The High-Level Panel on Water recommended that we need to start recognizing the true value of water in order to accomplish the water-related SDGs. This session approaches valuing water through specific case studies engaging the audience in questions of economic, environmental, and social values. The Government of the Netherlands, the World Bank, CERES, FNC, WWF, and GWP are convening this session together with us.



3: A Big Push for Drought Resilience–Can It Include All?

Drought can devastate communities’ food security, peace, and economic stability. Efforts to cope with drought can exacerbate conflict, if it is not done in an integrated fashion. This session will look at how integrated drought resilience works to identify solutions, minimize trade-offs, and create synergies. As part of the WASAG group of drought preparedness, we are thrilled to co-convene this sessions with the Council for Agricultural Research and Agricultural Economy Analysis, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Global Water Partnership, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, University of Nebraska Lincoln and World Meteorological Organization.


4: Business Using the Natural Capital Protocol for Inclusive Water

When businesses view water as part of their natural capital and recognize its novel importance, decision-making can become a process that supports water resilience and inclusive management. The Natural Capital Protocol, which this session will discuss, guides the process of rendering water natural capital and achieving the overarching SDG goals of including all. We are excited to be organizing this sessions together with ACTIAM, the Alliance for Water Stewardship, the Government of the Netherlands, the International Finance Corporation, the Natural Capital Coalition, the Netherlands Water Partnership, and Yorkshire Water.


And that’s just the beginning… There is plenty more to get excited about! The SWWW19 programme looks fantastic and we recommend you to check it out and start thinking about sessions you want to attend–besides the 4 mentioned above. Early-bird registration is available until June 30. See you there!