Connecting You(th) on Water Issues!

Thematic Working Groups

Thematic groups at the Water Youth Network (WYN) are specialized teams focused on key water-related topics addressing specific challenges within the water sector. Current WYN Working Groups are:

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

The Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) thematic working group aims at identifying opportunities and developing strategies to get WYN involved in water-related projects by promoting the meaningful inclusion of young people and youth organizations into the water sector, and by showcasing projects employing IWRM concepts in youth platforms at international level. This will be facilitated through publication & dissemination of research and by enhancing young people participation in decision making processes.

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

The Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Working Group is dedicated to addressing the challenges posed by natural disasters and building resilience in communities worldwide. Through collaborative efforts, research, and advocacy, our group strives to develop innovative strategies for mitigating disaster risks, enhancing preparedness, and promoting sustainable recovery. By engaging with diverse stakeholders and leveraging the expertise of young professionals, we aim to foster a culture of resilience and contribute to building a safer and more resilient future for all.

Water Governance

The Water Governance Working Group serves as a central hub for addressing issues related to water governance and youth involvement, both within and beyond the network. Our aim is to advocate for the principles of transparency, integrity, accountability, and equitable access to water and sanitation, while also championing the implementation of the Human Right to Water and Sanitation, as endorsed by the UN in 2010.


The Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) working group is dedicated to advancing WASH initiatives worldwide, with an emphasis on technology integration. Our group aims to unite young professionals passionate about WASH, providing a platform for sharing experiences and knowledge through both online and offline events. Key activities include organizing webinars on WASH-related topics, representing young water professionals at global events, and actively participating in global debates surrounding SDG 6.