Water Youth Network Annual Member Awards 2018 Winners

Water Youth Network recognises top volunteers in Annual Member Awards 2018

WYN members voted for the ‘Fresh Water, Fresh Minds’, ‘Watershed’ and ‘Volunteer of the Year’ award winners of 2018

By: Sofia Corradi (s.corradi@wateryouthnetwork.org)


The initiative led by the Water Youth Network (WYN) Human Resources team is on its first edition and aims to value and recognise Water Youth Network volunteer efforts and contributions for the year and motivate future work and achievements as a young and innovative network.

There were four award categories:

  • WYN Fresh Water Fresh Minds Award: refers to a member who joined this year and already collaborated greatly
  • WYN Make it Rain Award: refers to fundraising and connecting WYN to resources that make our activities possible
  • WYN Watershed Award: refers to a member acting significantly locally and implementing WYN values
  • WYN Volunteer of the Year: as the most straightforward, refers to a member with full contribution and presence within WYN this year


All members were invited to submit nominations. The members with the highest votes were recognised as the category winners. The results showcase the following inspiring and dedicated WYN volunteers:


WYN Fresh Water Fresh Minds Award: Fabio Sai

WYN Make it Rain Award: Philip Kruse

WYN Watershed Award: Tatiana dos Santos

WYN Volunteer of the Year: Anne-Marie Albrecht and Philip Kruse 


The Human Resources team shared the news with the winners and asked – What does this award mean to you?


Fabio Sai

When I joined the WYN, I was moved by the desire of being part of an active and dynamic reality, made by brilliant people I met during my studies, being aware that I would have met many more. This is actually happening since the beginning! Although in principle I thought I was not the right person for doing some tasks, I found myself moving steps into something completely new like doing some video-making, proposing brand new ideas for websites, doing interviews and now even leading contractors.

The WYN has a great merit: it fosters members to move forward beyond what they think their limits are, me included. The award for the Fresh Water Fresh Minds is primary the recognition of the great mentoring and guide I have received so far, I would have never gotten it without the great help of many, and now I hope I can do the same for others. Therefore, I really think that the famous motto of The Three Musketeers can perfectly fit our amazing community: ”One for all, All for one!”.


Tatiana dos Santos

I’m super happy! It connects to what I believe: we can only be global human beings and professionals by going local and making use of the privileges that we have to generate the real positive impact needed in our local environments. Let’s built the future of water that we want!






Anne-Marie Albrecht

I’m feeling amazingly happy to receive this award and know: “You’ve enjoyed working with me” and “I’ve been of good service to our cause and the WYN members surrounding me”!

I’ve been working with many of the WYN members closely within 2019 and I want to say: THANK YOU right back & You are great!

I cannot count all the times when I came home from work, already somewhat tired, but still having a WYN call scheduled. The call begins and you are there with so much energy, ideas, motivation, kindness, laughter – just chasing away the tiredness and replacing it with a thirst for action – to change the world (at least a little) together!

Let’s carry this spirit into 2019 and make more great activities happen!


Philip Kruse

Winning the Volunteer of the Year and the Make it Rain Awards is truly terrific. It is the perfect end to a marvelous year in which my journey through the water sector took off in a way I would not have been able to imagine just twelve months ago. I am extremely grateful to everyone nominating me and even more to the amazing people I have the pleasure to be working with in the Water Youth Network. All of this is only possible because we are all working towards a common goal together and each and everyone is contributing to it with their individual strengths. Let us all take our efforts to the next level in 2019!



If you would like to connect with our award-winning volunteers and learn more about their work as young water professionals, contact us!