Water Youth Network @ Stockholm World Water Week


Swedish Water House and Water Youth Network are co-organizing a session titled ‘Young Professionals Shaping the Post 2015 Agenda”. We invite you to come and share your experiences and ideas on how youth can contribute! The session is a part of Stockholm World Water Week’s Young Professionals day, september 3rd.

Summary of the session:

There is tremendous motivation among young professionals that combines an all hearted and natural understanding of human rights with openness to creative solutions. With no fear to challenge established institutions and mindsets, the young water professionals are making a statement, commitment and contribution to the future. Young Water Professionals call for solidarity, joint demands, mutual solutions, and access to human rights!

Youth empowerment has actually improved significantly within the major processes on water-related development challenges, both on the political and technical sides. Looking at the failure of implementing the WASH millennium development goals, it is not technical solutions that are lacking, but political commitment in form of finance and governance priorities.

Hence, in this workshop we bring together young professionals to continue crafting the important messages to the upcoming United Nations’ General Assembly. It is imperative that we channel our voices and give input to the decision on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
The event is open for everyone, regardless of their age. The session will consist of both a roundtable- and a panel discussion, and we are proud to announce that the introduction will contain a key note by the winner of the 2014 Stockholm Water Prize, John Briscoe. But at our session each and everyone attending is a special guest and we need you to come and share your experiences and ideas on how youth can contribute!

link: http://programme.worldwaterweek.org/event/young-professionals-shaping-3500