Webinar: Youth, Water and Sustainable Development Goals – 28 Nov. 12:45 CET

Tuesday, November 28 at 12:45 CET (click here for local timings).
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Water is an important component of many Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and main topic of SDG6: clean water and sanitation. The United Nations calls on everyone, from states, to industries, to individuals to contribute to achieving the SDGs in 2030. More than 40% of the people on this planet are younger than 25, and more than 55% is younger than 35. Already based on these numbers, one can see that young people are an important force to contribute to the achievement of these goals.

The UN Major Group of Children and Youth has taken the effort to spread information about the goals and urge young people to become active, use their ideas, engagement and drive to make this world a better place- #knowyourgoals. The Water Youth Network, supported by IHE Delft and TheWaterChannel, support this goal, starting with sharing knowledge about the role of water in the SDGs.

In this webinar, Maria Schade of UNWater, explains us about the aims of the SDGs, the role of water, and we ask her to reflect on how the water sector, and especially young people, can contribute. Antonella Vagliente, from Young Water Solutions and the World Youth Parliament for Water, will give a practical example of youth can contribute to the water-related SDGs Check their amazing work, and the work of the 14 winners via http://youngwatersolutions.org/ and on 24 November at 19.00 CET the Pitch night via their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/youngwatersolutions/

As participant, you are invited to share questions, insights, and contributions.

You can find more information about the Sustainable Development Goals through the following links: