World Water Forum 7: An overview

The 7th edition of the world’s largest water event will gather participants from the international water community: academics, research institutions, enterprises, professional networks, governments and policy-makers, IGOs and NGOs, as well as representatives from various fields such as agriculture, food or energy. The 7th World Water Forum will focus on the implementation of the solutions that were identified during the 6th edition (Marseille, France, 2012).

iysc logoIn order to provide a coherent framework and to ensure an inclusive process for youth participation during the Forum and its preparation, the Water Youth Network has joined forces with other youth organizations to build a solid platform to facilitate, streamline, and strengthen the youth voice. To accomplish this, our youth-led and youth-serving organizations already involved in the 7th World Water Forum process have founded the International Youth Steering Committee (IYSC).

We believe you have the potential to become a key agent of change for water security, socio-economic development, and environmental sustainability. We have recognized that a high-quality youth participation can only strengthen the water sector:

  • Informed at an early age, young people see water issues as a high priority and motivates them to become agents of change.
  • Involved at an early age, young people are able to join in the debates, work together to question the system and bring a fresh perspective to answer complex challenges.
  • Empowered at an early age, young people get the resources they need to apply their technological knowhow.

The IYSC was set out to achieve the above goals by developing a platform for Youth in the Citizen Forum, and the World Water Forum in general. The Citizen’s Forum is a space for civil society, and all water-related stakeholders to exchange, collaborate and implement long-lasting solutions.

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The members of the IYSC:

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13 April 2015

  14 April 2015:

16 April 2015

The program

The World Youth Parliament for Water and Asia Pacific Youth Parliament for Water declarations

As part of the International Youth Steering Committee, the World Youth Parliament for Water and Asia Pacific Youth Parliament for Water worked on a declaration in which they made commitments and set targets to be achieved in future keeping in view global water issues and potential solutions related to those water problems. This declaration is the result of intensive discussion and plenary sessions organized by both Parliaments.

The preparation process

In preparation for the 7th World Water Forum, around 100 representatives from more than 50 country delegations met with international organizations and civil society representatives, for two Ministerial Preparatory Committee meeting (PrepCom I & PrapComII)  to define together the political priorities and progress towards “Water for our Future” and to set the foundations for the 7th World Water Forum’s Ministerial Statement. We were there to represent the voice of young people.

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