World Water Forum – What is going on there, and what can you do?


Youth are becoming increasingly important in international processes. This is key for us, because it means young people can get more chances to learn, discuss, and meet each other – and more importantly, live shared experiences that we can all take back to our communities and exchange them with our local youth networks (with the motto: ‘Learning something every day, teaching something every day’).

The World Water Forum

The World Water Forum (WWF) is organised every 3 years. The 7th World Water Forum is organised by World Water Council, in cooperation with a national partner. In Korea, this is organised by the National Committee, which acts on behalf of the Korean government. Together, they form the International Steering Committee. The topic of the Forum is ‘Water for our Future’. 30.000 people are expected to attend, and many sessions and side events will be organised.

 How (and why) can you get involved?

For young people, the World Water Forum is a good opportunity to see which topics are being discussed in the water sector, as all parts of the sector will be represented. You can join the various processes, and/or organise activities related to the Forum in your own country.

In the attached information sheet (Information sheet World Water Forum 7 Youth Process – June 2014), you will find more information about the various processes which take place at the Forum, and the names of those you can contact for more information. We will soon inform you about possibilities to participate, such as calls for proposals for the youth forum, joining activities in the regional process, etc. Of course, if you have ideas already, and want to know how you can contribute, please let us know!

What do we do to create opportunities for youth?

The International Youth Steering Committee (IYSC) is a group of representatives of several youth organisations (Currently: Water Youth Network, the World Youth Parliament for Water, the World Water Council Youth Representative, the ADB Youth Representative and the Asia-Pacific Youth Parliament for Water, and sustained by a diversity of youth organisations, such as Réseau Projection or the South-East Asia Youth Environment Network). The IYSC aims at defining and mobilizing youth for a common vision in support of the 7th World Water Forum.

We are proposing opening up the WWF7 Youth Program for input and contributions from active young people around the world, and to raise awareness on possibilities for youth involvement. We aim at significantly extending the WWForum 7 Youth Program content to youth not currently involved in the planning process for input and ideas. We strongly believe that  by contributing your suggestions on how you would like to be engaged,YOU can become an active participant in designing your own learning and the learning of other youth at WWF7. Contact us via 7thwwfyouth @