WYN at the OECD to discuss Stakeholder Engagement for Effective Water Governance

The OECD project on Stakeholder Engagement for Effective Water Governance aims to provide evidence-based  analysis on the effectiveness of stakeholder engagement processes, as well as a set of key principles and a Checklist for public action for governments to set up appropriate framework conditions. The project is one of four working groups involved in the OECD Water Governance Initiative (the others are Governance and performance of water services, Basin governance and Integrity and transparency). The Stakeholder Engagement project began with a survey across 200+ stakeholders and a series of 50+ case studies from OECD and non-OECD countries, including a case study submitted by the Water Youth Network, and the results were compiled into a draft report.

Water Youth Network participated in a recent workshop to discuss the Stakeholder Engagement outcomes. We learned about key findings and policy recommendations from the draft report on Stakeholder Engagement for Effective Water Governance so far and provided suggestions to improve the document, such as addressing the diversity of groups represented by the Civil Society category of stakeholders (e.g. a range of local and international NGOs including WYN), and the timing of involving different stakeholders in a process. As WYN representatives, we provided input on indicators that can be used to assess inclusion of perspectives from unheard groups, such as young people, women, indigenous peoples, etc. and resources need to engage these groups.

Alix will attend the final meeting in November to provide additional insights from WYN, and the project will conclude with the publication of a final report at the 7th World Water Forum (Korea, April 2015) which will provide an evidence-based assessment on the main obstacles to stakeholder engagement in water policy and projects and collect best practices. We are happy to see WYN represented in this process and to give young people passionate about water issues a voice in this high profile initiative.