YouKnoW! going to Cape Town, WISA conference

YouKnoW! going to Cape Town to engage and connect with youth in Africa at the WISA conference

By Anne-Marie Albrecht (


From 24th to 27th of June the Water Institute of Southern Africa is inviting to attend the biennial conference and exhibition 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. In between the expected 1500 + attendees will be Tlhoriso Morienyane taking this great opportunity to present the YouKnoW! platform and engage with youth organisations and young project leaders from the region.


YouKnoW! stands for Youth-driven Knowledge in Water. The platform is showcasing information about youth projects and organisations on an interactive world map, which can be filtered using different criteria. It is a tool designed to connect different youth initiatives and to promote and support existing projects in the water sector with meaningful youth participation. The platform goals are to inspire, develop, and disseminate knowledge; to support communication on successful and innovative practices implemented by young people and youth organizations; and to connect these local experiences to global efforts related to the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.


With those goals it fits perfectly into the central theme of WISA “Breaking barriers, Connecting ideas”.


Come and meet us if you are at WISA or share this with your network – we are looking forward to engage with you, inspire you and get you to join the YouKnoW! community and mission to make a better world together!


What: YouKnoW! Platform (Youth Driven Knowledge in Water) as part of the Session Pooling together

When: Tuesday, 25th of June, 10:30 SAST (GMT+2)

Where: WISA Conference, CTICC Cape Town, Meeting Rm 1.41

Who: Tlhoriso Morienyane


Find more information on YouKnoW! here.

You want to meet up with Tlhoriso at WISA? Contact him ( and set a time on Tuesday or Wednesday.

You or your youth organisations want to become official partners and supporters of the YouKnoW! platform? Get in touch and contact the team via