Youth initiatives towards the 7th World Water Forum

The meeting of hundreds of young people at Stockholm World Water Week is the perfect opportunity to discuss how we can improve our global cooperation and networking. It is also a chance to discuss our involvement in the preparatory process for the 7th World Water Forum in Korea. (Yes it is already time to start the discussion!)

An initial discussion brought several organizations together working in domains such as youth engagement, professional development, and youth-led projects, and resulted in some key ideas:

  • Young people are a diverse group, ranging from school children to young professionals launching their careers. They also represent a range of interest areas, disciplines and even local water situations
  • How can water and youth organizations harness our complementary strengths to improve our communications and sharing of knowledge, our local, regional and international gatherings, and the important ¬†hands-on actions we carry out to address water challenges?
  • Who else needs to included and how can we reach disadvantaged groups of young people?

Please join us at Stockholm Water Week 2013 in the Young Professional area (Exhibition Hall) at 1pm on Thursday to discuss these ideas!