Connecting You(th) on Water Issues!

Welcome to the Water Youth NetworK!

Welcome to the Water Youth Network, where passion meets purpose! We’re dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders to drive positive change in water-related issues worldwide. Join us in our mission to cultivate innovative solutions, advocate for sustainable practices, and amplify the voices of youth in shaping a water-secure future for all. Together, we can make waves of difference!




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Connecting You(th) on Water Issues

Who are We?

Founded after the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille, France in 2012, the Water Youth Network has been at the forefront of empowering, connecting, and catalyzing change in the realm of water-related issues. We do this through the following Structure:

Advisory Board

President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasury

Thematic Working Groups

DRR, Governance, IWRM, WASH

Support Working Groups

Communication, HR, Partnerships

Special Projects

UNMGCY DRR, UNMGCY Governance, YouKnow!

Welcome to the Water Youth Network

Empowering the Next Generation of Water Leaders!

Empowering he next generation of water leaders is at the heart of our mission, as we work towards a more sustainable future for all.


Empowering youth worldwide to become leaders and advocates for sustainable water management and equitable access to water resources.


A world where young people are actively engaged, leading innovative solutions, and shaping policies to ensure water security and justice for all.

How do we work?

Our Areas of Engagement

Capacity Building and Education

We provide capacity building and education through workshops and resources to equip young people with the skills needed to address water challenges effectively.

Advocacy and Policy Influence

We engage in advocacy and policy influence, raising awareness and influencing decisions for sustainable water management at all levels.

Community Engagement and Action

We foster community engagement and action by facilitating projects and initiatives that address specific water challenges in local communities.

Networking and Collaboration

We prioritize networking and collaboration, building partnerships with organizations to leverage resources and amplify our impact in the water sector.